Colour Psychology in Web Design and Branding

The psychology of colour perception and its significance in web design and branding are both important considerations. Here’s a look at how psychology and colour impact the art of web design and branding.

Colour Psychology

The study of how colours affect people’s emotions and behaviour is known as colour psychology. Our reactions to colours are the result of an intricate web of interactions involving our individual preferences, our familial upbringing, and our cultures and traditions.

Color may subtly alter how people perceive things; for instance, it can improve or impair how food tastes. The appropriate colours can even increase the potency of medications and placebos; blue is typically associated with relaxing or sleep-inducing medications, while red or yellow is typically associated with stimulants.

Every company intentionally utilises colour in their logo, packaging, ads, and websites. The ability to choose colours that complement the brand and the business’s objective is a key component of high-quality web design. It is possible and necessary to employ colour psychology to elicit the desired reactions from customers; this is one of the objectives of a web and brand designer. Excellent web design and branding also accounts for cultural variations in how colours are interpreted. The same hue might have completely diverse meanings to various audiences. For instance, yellow often connotes brightness and joy, yet in China it could also have crude or adult overtones. White is a hue of sorrow in Japan, India, China, Korea, and the Middle East, despite the fact that in the US it denotes purity and is frequently used for wedding branding. Knowing your audience and making informed decisions are the key takeaways here.

Check out this infographic by WebFX below:

Psychology of Color Infographic

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